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Itasca Suncruiser Motorhome

Suncruiser Motorhome Specifications
Weights & Measures
32H 35P 37F 38Q
Length 33'3" 35'9" 37'9" 39'1"
Exterior Height1 12'8" 12'8" 12'8" 12'8"
Exterior Width2 8'5.5" 8'5.5" 8'5.5" 8'5.5"
Exterior Storage3 (cu. ft.) 112.3 125.5 121.7 121.9
Awning Length 17' 17' 18' 14'
Interior Height 7' 7' 7' 7'
Interior Width 8'0.5" 8'0.5" 8'0.5" 8'0.5"
Freshwater Tank Capacity4 (gal.) 78 78 78 75
Water Heater Capacity (gal.) 10 10 10 10
Holding Tank Capacity - Black/Gray4 (gal.) 43/47 43/57 52/71 75/59
LP Capacity5 (gal.) 23 28 28 28
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 80 80 80 80
GCWR 6 (lbs.) 26,000(A) 26,000(A) 30,000(B) 30,000(B) 30,000(C)
GVWR (lbs.) 22,000(A) 22,000(A) 24,000(B) 24,000(B) 26,000(C)
GAWR - Front (lbs.) 8,000(A) 8,000(A) 9,000(B) 9,000(B) 9,000(C)
GAWR - Rear (lbs.) 15,000(A) 15,000(A) 15,500(B) 15,500(B) 17,500(C)
Wheelbase 220" 228" 248" 248"

Key Features of the Suncruiser:

  • 3 Position Controls - Raise and lower the hydraulic jacks from any of three convenient locations. Do the job from the driver’s seat or step outside and use the controls at either the entrance door or service center to monitor the jacks as you lower them. No hassle. No guesswork. Just a level coach at your convenience.

  • BechMark - Presenting the dinette, reconsidered: the BenchMark® full comfort dinette. In place of the customary slab of foam, its seats feature innerspring construction like that found in fine furniture. The result is exceptionally comfortable dining — and since the BenchMark converts instantly from a dinette to a comfortable bed — exceptionally comfortable sleeping as well. And unlike ordinary dinettes that use side doors or drawers for storage, the BenchMark seats tilt up, providing easy access to the storage underneath (as well as 40% more storage than a similar dinette with side-drawer access). Dining, sleeping or storing, the BenchMark full comfort dinette leaves you sitting pretty.

  • BechMark Extendable Dinette - Seat the entire family and even some guests in the extendable dinette. When retracted, the dinette seats four people. A table leaf folds out to create comfortable seating for six people. Two matching folding chairs are provided for use when the table is extended. At night, the table easily converts into additional sleeping space. The linens can be stored under the bench seats, which flip up for easy access.

  • BIG Shower - The BIG shower from Winnebago Industries lives up to its name. In fact, it might be an understatement. The BIG shower dwarfs most traditional RV showers with a wide entrance and plenty of elbow room. Enjoy a refreshing rinse in the BIG shower and you will never look at RV showers the same way again.

  • Euro Recliner - The contoured Euro recliner features a soft Ultraleather covering that looks like leather and feels even softer. A built-in footrest kicks out as you recline, providing an elegant and comfortable spot to read a book or watch TV.

  • Extendable Sectional Sofa - It may look like a typical sofa when you are driving down the road, but when the slideout expands, so does the new extendable sectional sofa. In just a few quick steps, this exclusive Winnebago Industries sofa increases your seating capacity by 50%, allowing the whole family to gather around the television or enjoy some pleasant conversation.

  • Ideal Rest "Natural Reserve" - Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be a challenge. The Ideal Rest® Natural Reserve digital comfort control mattress makes it easier and more comfortable than ever. Ideal Rest Natural Reserve offers fifty unique set points so you can customize firmness and support to fit your personal preference, from extra firm to feather soft.  

    Best of all, it offers comfort-enhancing features you simply won’t find in any other RV mattress:  
    • A cotton and bamboo fiber cover panel that combines the natural comfort and wicking benefits of cotton with inherently mildew proof bamboo fibers to create an incredibly comfortable and hygienic sleep surface. As an added benefit, both materials are renewable, sustainable and earth-friendly.  
    • A natural wool covered 2-in-1 duo firmness reversible insert with naturally antimicrobial latex on one side and body temperature activated Memory-Cell® on the other, allowing you to choose your perfect comfort level. With the Ideal Rest Natural Reserve digital comfort control mattress, there is no need to compromise; you can adjust your individual firmness level with digital precision and slumber in superior comfort.

  • Infotainment Center with RV GPS - The Infotainment Center with Rand McNally RV GPS has it all: touch screen color monitor with split screen function, Rand McNally RV GPS safe & easy routing, amenities & tools, trips & content, turn-by-turn voice guidance, CD/DVD player, SiriusXM™ (subscription not included), compass, outside temperature, iPod®/iPhone® audio integration, Bluetooth™, and so much more.

  • MCD Roller Shades - The smooth-operating MCD solar/blackout roller shades set the ideal atmosphere in your coach, day or night. Besides providing ideal light and privacy, MCD solar/blackout roller shades offer upscale looks and performance and are easier to operate and clean than traditional pleated shades.

  • OnePlace - The OnePlace systems center allows you to monitor and control key systems from one convenient location. No more walking back and forth between the thermostat and generator, it’s all in one spot.The OnePlace panel features a streamlined appearance with a digital panel that is easy to read and operate. Stop the runaround with the OnePlace systems center.

  • PowerLine - Another smart solution: our PowerLine energy management system. When your air conditioner is running, your spouse is using the microwave and your granddaughter turns on the hair dryer, this will not trigger a system overload. PowerLine temporarily turns off one or more of your vehicle’s “postponable” appliances—and automatically returns power once the load returns to normal.

  • Quickport - Say good–bye to wrestling power cords and water hoses through small holes. The QuickPort® service connection hatch makes hookups a snap—and helps keep your service area clean and tidy. It even allows the bay door to close with hookups connected.

  • Rest Easy - It looks like a normal couch. Yet closer inspection reveals an electric switch on the left arm that automatically converts it to a cozy lounger with a pull–out ottoman. Press the switch again and the lounger converts to a comfortable, contoured bed. Owners of select models will find the Rest Easy built right into the extendable sectional sofa for an even more relaxing experience. The Rest Easy is part of our continuing effort to build more home comfort into our motorhomes. So no matter what road you’re on, you’ll feel like you never left your favorite chair.

  • SiriusXM - SiriusXM satellite radio brings you over 140 commercial-free channels, full of live sports coverage, live traffic and weather reports, and the best in news, talk, and entertainment. High-altitude satellites ensure crystal-clear programming wherever your travels take you.

  • SmartSpace - The SmartSpace design philosophy encourages the use of innovative features to make the most efficient use of the available space in each coach. This philosophy has led to the creation of features such as the BenchMark full-comfort dinette that has hidden storage compartments below the flip-up seats, full-extension drawer slides, and the new extendable sectional sofa found in several of our coaches. From the Rest Easy multi-position lounge to the unique pullout pantries, you’ll find a variety of SmartSpace features across our entire lineup of motorhomes.

  • Smart Storage - Smart Storage places bulky systems and tanks in improved configurations, leaving more room for basement storage. Exterior storage is also easy to access with innovative features such as a large trunk with multiple doors and sliding storage trays on select models. Other clever features you might find include a storage well with a drain plug and a compartment cover that converts into a picnic table. 

  • SuperStructure - Unlike some manufacturers, we use steel, not wood, to create a strong, durable cab substructure. We mount our windshields securely in steel with nonhardening sealants, just like an automobile. By using an advanced laser alignment system when mounting the cab to the chassis, we ensure a sturdy, square foundation.

  • TrueAir - Welcome to TrueAir Maximum Comfort AC, a new evolution in RV air conditioning where comfort, efficiency, and precision control come together to provide you with an exceptional travel experience. TrueAir has set the standard in RV air conditioning systems for years. Now we’ve raised the bar again with an improved, roof-mounted AC distribution system: TrueAir Maximum Comfort AC. It’s a new and better generation of RV air conditioning technology, replacing our TrueAir Residential Central AC. Why change? The advent of new diesel emission standards requires chassis components to be placed in the basement space previously used for our TrueAir compressor package and the future availability of that cooling unit package is in question due to new refrigerant regulations that require larger re-designed compressors (see chassis photo below). Form Meets Function and the Result is Superior Air Flow 
Are all ducts created equal? Not at all. With the exclusive TrueAir Maximum Comfort AC, we employ an advanced ductwork design that ensures consistent, precision airflow throughout the coach. The ductwork is formed rather than routed and possesses a unique D-shape with radiused edges that reduce drag and turbulence as conditioned air travels along the length of the coach (see ductwork graphic below). And with multiple units all operating through a single ducting system, the result is optimal system performance that requires less energy. Rooftops and Venting Matters, Too 
To further increase its effectiveness, the rooftop construction employs a custom formed foam core specifically designed for this application — thicker yet lighter weight, stronger with tighter tolerances, and with a higher R-Value — all which translate into superior efficiency and temperature control. Top all this technology with a multitude of precision control vents and you will be assured a perfectly controlled interior climate. Cool When and Where You Need it with Dual Zone Control 
Ready for bedtime while your traveling partner is going to stay up and enjoy a movie in the living area? With the TrueAir Maximum Comfort AC’s dual zone climate control, you can easily navigate temperature control settings from a single precision thermostat. On those balmy summer evenings, you can turn off the rear AC unit for quieter sleep environment while still enjoying the benefit of a cool interior climate thanks to the full-length ducting. Dual zone control ensures optimal environmental control and the true residential comfort you’ve come to expect with all Winnebago Industries’ products. Harnessing the Best in Cooling Technology 
Low-profile high-efficiency Polar Mach compressors incorporate improved heating and ventilation system technology to generate 13,500 BTU performance using less space and energy than previous 12,000 BTU compressors. The result is better cooling with less energy. A Roof Mounted System without the Challenges of Rooftop Condensation 
Where typical RV rooftop air conditioning units are infamous for the trail they leave behind — condensation dripping down the coach and sidewall streaking that is — TrueAir Maximum Comfort AC actually pumps rooftop condensation directly to the ground. For Those Chilly Summer Mornings 
TrueAir Maximum Comfort AC incorporates an advanced heat pump system that can provide supplemental heat as needed without running the furnace, reducing LP usage. Spring-Tensioned Mounting 
TrueAir Maximum Comfort AC roof mounted cooling units are secured with spring compression fasteners. This spring-tensioned mounting technology provides superior quality mounting and security ensuring tight seal compression for the long haul. Easy Maintenance Frees You to Enjoy your Travels 
With easy access from within the coach, your filters can be quickly removed and washed or replaced.

  • TrueLevel - Mirus™ detector cell technology ensures accurate fresh and wastewater tank level readings. Mirus detector cells produce a micro-electrical field that detects liquid levels from outside the tank. No more probes to corrode or clog. Just true, accurate readings time after time.

  • Ultraleather - Winnebago Industries cab seats, sofas, loungers and more can be covered in premium, soft Ultraleather™ fabric. Ultraleather gives you the softness, comfort and luxury that is more durable than leather and incredibly easy to clean. The secret is that it is made from a PVC-free polyurethane that has been tested and proven to surpass competitive fabrics for integrity and durability. With Ultraleather, you are surrounded in comfort while staying protected from the bumps, spills and scrapes of life on the road.

  • Valspar Resistovar Conversion Varnish - Valspar Resistovar Conversion Varnish is specifically formulated to provide an exceptional finish that includes enhanced UV protection and superior scratch, chemical, and moisture resistance. Valspar’s Resistovar Conversion Varnish surpasses all KCMA performance standards.

Diesel Pusher Motorhomes, Class A Diesel Pushers:
Itasca Suncruiser

Itasca Suncruiser Motorhome

The Itasca Suncruiser® continues to draw rave reviews for delivering diesel pusher-style in the convenience and affordability of a Class A gas coach. The new 38Q triple-slideout floorplan joins our most exciting and diverse Suncruiser lineup ever. A restyled front cap, full-body paint, and available dual-pane Contour windows set the stage for a coach filled with luxurious, user-friendly features, including MCD solar/blackout roller shades, Ultraleather™ furniture, and advanced LED lighting. When you want comfort and luxury in a Class A coach, look no further than the Itasca Suncruiser.

InventoryView Available Suncruiser Motorhome Inventory

Floor Plans

32H -  Itasca Suncruiser
Model: 32H - Itasca Suncruiser

35P -  Itasca Suncruiser
Model: 35P - Itasca Suncruiser

37F -  Itasca Suncruiser
Model: 37F - Itasca Suncruiser

38Q -  Itasca Suncruiser
Model: 38Q - Itasca Suncruiser

Model: Suncruiser - Standard Features

  • Ford® F53 22,000-lb. Chassis 362-hp 6.8L V10 SEFI Triton® engine, TorqShift™ 5-speed automatic overdrive transmission w/tow haul, HydroMax brakes w/ABS, 175-amp. alternator (32H, 35P)
  • Ford F53 24,000-lb. Chassis (37F)
  • Ford F53 26,000-lb. Chassis (38Q)
  • Trailer Hitch 6 5,000-lb. drawbar/500-lb. maximum vertical tongue weight w/7-pin connector
  • Stylized aluminum wheels
  • Hydraulic leveling jacks w/3-position controls

  • Radio/Rearview Monitor System 6" LCD color touch screen, remote, iPod®/MP3 input, rear color camera
  • Chassis/house battery radio power switch
  • Cab seats adjustable armrests, lumbar support, multi-adjustable recline and swivel/slide
  • 6-way power-assist driver seat
  • 3-point seat belts
  • Defroster fans
  • Cab sound control package
  • Cruise control
  • 12-volt powerpoints
  • Map lights
  • Power steering w/tilt wheel
  • Dash workstation
  • C.B. wire prep kit
  • Power mirrors w/defrost and sideview cameras
  • MCD solar/blackout powered front shade, privacy curtain for driver and passenger windows
  • Sideview video color camera system
  • Light-filtering roller shades for driver and passenger windows

  • 32" HDTV (32H)
  • 40" HDTV (35P)
  • 46" HDTV (38Q)
  • Dining table/buffet/chairs w/retractable 40" HDTV (37F)
  • Digital HDTV amplified antenna system
  • Blu-Ray™ Home Theater Sound System amplifier, DVD player, iPhone®/iPod dock w/video, receiver, 5 speakers and subwoofer
  • OnePlace® systems center
  • Satellite system ready, including bedroom TV
  • MCD solar/blackout roller shades (MCD blackout roller shade galley 38Q)
  • Tinted dual-glazed/thermo-insulated windows
  • LED ceiling and accent lighting
  • Soft vinyl ceilings
  • Key-activated slideroom master lock switch
  • HDMI 4x4 Matrix central video selection system
  • Powered ventilator fan (galley)
  • Powered roof vent (bath)
  • Washer/dryer prep (35P, 37F, 38Q)

  • Corian® solid-surface countertop, flip-up extension and backsplash
  • Microwave/convection oven w/range fan
  • 3-burner range top w/storage below
  • Corian sink and range covers
  • 2-door refrigerator/freezer (32H, 35P)
  • 4-door refrigerator/freezer w/icemaker (37F)
  • French door residential refrigerator, counter-depth, stainless steel, interior water dispenser, icemaker and glideout bottom drawer freezer (38Q)
  • Cold water filtration system

  • Textured glass shower door
  • Flexible showerhead
  • Corian countertop
  • Skylight (32H, 35P)
  • Water pump switch(es)

  • Powered king bed w/Ideal Rest® Natural Reserve digital comfort control mattress w/remotes (37F, 38Q)
  • King bed w/innerspring mattress and access to storage below (35P)
  • Queen bed w/innerspring mattress, storage below (32H)
  • 24" HDTV (32H)
  • 32" HDTV (35P, 37F, 38Q)
  • Bedspread, pillow shams and pillows
  • Ceiling Fan

  • Driver's side service light
  • TriMark® KeyOne™ lock system
  • Lower front protective mask
  • Porch light
  • Electric entrance steps
  • Electric entrance awning (38Q)
  • Electric patio awning w/LED lighting, metal wrap and WeatherMAX™ fabric
  • Ladder
  • Front and rear mud flaps
  • Lighted storage compartments (in select compartments)

  • 35,000 BTU low-profile furnace (32H)
  • 40,000 BTU low-profile furnace (35P, 37F, 38Q)
  • TrueAir® Maximum Comfort A/C two 13,500 BTU, low-profile roof air conditioners w/heat pumps

  • AC/DC distribution system
  • 55-amp. converter/charger
  • Service Center cable TV input, 50-amp. power cord, QuickPort® service connection hatch, portable satellite dish hookup
  • Cummins Onan Energy Command™ automatic generator start system
  • Exterior AC duplex receptacle
  • Exterior antenna jack
  • 5,500-watt Cummins Onan® Marquis Gold™ generator
  • 1,000-watt inverter w/remote panel (32H, 35P)
  • 2,000-watt inverter/charger (37F, 38Q)
  • PowerLine® energy management system
  • Auxiliary start circuit
  • Two deep-cycle Group 31 batteries (NA 38Q)
  • Four deep-cycle Marine/RV batteries (38Q)
  • Battery disconnect systems (coach and chassis)
  • Automatic dual-battery charge control
  • Generator/shoreline automatic changeover switch

  • LPG accessory connection (patio area)
  • Service Center QuickPort service connection hatch, exterior wash station w/pump switch, pressurized city water hookup w/diverter valve, drainage valves, 10' sewer hose, black tank flushing system
  • Permanent-mount LP tank w/gauge
  • TrueLevel™ holding-tank monitoring system
  • On-demand water pump
  • Heated holding tank compartment
  • Winterization Package water heater bypass valve and siphon tube
  • 10-gallon water heater, 110 V/LP gas w/motoraid and auxiliary auto heater
  • Gravity water tank fill w/lockable door

  • Child seat tether anchor (dinette) (NA U-Shaped dinette)
  • LP, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • 10 BC fire extinguisher
  • Ground fault interrupter
  • Fog lamps
  • High-mount brake lamps

  • 12-month/15,000-mile basic warranty 8
  • 36-month/36,000-mile limited warranty on structure 8
  • 10-year limited parts-and-labor warranty on roof skin 8

1 The height of each model is measured to the top of the tallest standard feature and is based on the curb weight of a typically equipped unit. The actual height of your vehicle may vary by several inches depending on chassis or equipment variations. Please contact your dealer for further information.
2 Floorplans feature a wide-body design - over 96" In making your purchase decision, you should be aware that some states restrict access on some or all state roads to 96" in body width. Before making your purchase decision, you should confirm the road usage laws in the states of interest to you.
3 The load capacity of your motorhome is designated by weight, not by volume, so you cannot necessarily use all available space when loading your motorhome. Measurements are based on the most recent information available. See your dealer for specifications.
4 Capacities are based on measurements prior to tank installation. Slight capacity variations can result due to installation applications.
5 Capacities shown are tank manufacturer's listed water capacity (W.C.). Actual filled LP capacity is 80% of listing due to overfilling prevention device on tank.
6 Actual towing capacity is dependent on your particular loading and towing circumstances which includes the GVWR, GAWR, and GCWR as well as adequate trailer brakes. Please refer to the Operator's Manual of your vehicle for further towing information.
7 See separate chassis warranty.
8 See your dealer for complete warranty information.



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